How to Replace Toyota Highlander a DRL Headlight Bulb

Everyone today I’m going to show you how to replace a Headlight DRL a daytime running late and your high beam on a 2001 to 2007 Toyota Highlander the specific one is a 2005 but it’s the same for all years. So first you have to locate. Word is. Just look at the ball and then just go straight through. And it is very. Here So the first thing you do is take it. Twisted to the left. And then. It just popped right out. And as you can see no wonder why it’s blown out. It’s black and it is Headlight Abobo on their. That’s. Okay so what you do with us. It’s gonna put down the camera. Is You take This article on the end.

New squeeze it and then. The ball pops right out. The other connector and then the ball. So that’s the. Okay. Put that aside. And then you take the new one these bulbs are 2005 Toyota Highlander headlight bulb. And that’s for the daytime running lights. Okay. So make sure you don’t touch the lands that’s why I’m wearing gloves. Because if you touch the ball itself. With your bare hands ill get oils and. A bunch of crap you don’t one on here called el decrease the life of the Headlight bulb. Okay. So then. You find this little hook. There is little. Thing sticking out. And you have to get the connector. As a side with. This. SR raising piece of arise. Peace plastic. Then use. Stick them. And should click. If it didn’t click and. It’s not in all the way. So then You go back to that.

Placing this. Put the ball then make sure you kill their love it to the left. So it sits nicely in and then he took his son alright. Or. You just sit back to 3 Arnold let’s. To the left player. Okay So now You change the ball. So now you test it and see if it works they want turn on the car. Because. You need to see if your daytime running light turns on because it only turns on when the cars. They So later. Well no I mean For Looks good. Good Now this Flyer placed Working And that’s how you change. Of DRL on the Toyota Highlander 2005  So I noticed When this 11 L Other dear elle was not lit up. And. But the high beam. This high beam was on but that was not. So so the problem one okay I hope this is helpful and thank you for watching stay tuned for more articles like us. And please subscribe. And have a great day.