2004 Chrysler Town and Country LX for Sale

I this is Katie here Oliver Johnson. This is our 2000 Chrysler Town and Country, pointed take a quick video of everything of the interior and exterior of the vehicle is in great condition for 2004 with low my. No beam centric scratches on this field form very impressed with this. Show you the interior real quick. Here Is the second row. It’s gonna back, There’s a back row.

 Chrysler Town and Country LX

In tears very clean clock. Very clean shirt man. They does have power sliding doors. Here so we’ll know more in the front. CD player there’s a storage compartment. With the temp gauge. There are other current miles. Very clean the and I’m very impressed with that for how old it is. Again my name is Katie here I met Oliver see just. This is our 2004 Chrysler town and country. Hope to see you soon. Additional information Chrysler Town and Country LX headlights see at http://beedlelight.com/chrysler-town-country/headlights.html.