Porsche Panamera.

PanameraPorsche cars, as it is known, are famous for their internal engineering improvements. It would seems, is it possible to change ideal in better side: he is an ideal to be perfect – the benchmark for all. However, engineers of German company Porsche AG does not cease to surprise by setting the peak of progress with each new model.

After the premiere test drive of the car Porsche Panamera automobile market experts have identified several unique features, which have been called the highlight of this vehicle. So, the first highlight – of course, is sound. Perhaps, in the ranking of the “highlights” it should not be in the first place, but the sound is the first thing that captivates the viewer who looks at the vehicle start. The second “highlight” is a virtual transmission. They were invented in order to reduce fuel consumption and increase driving comfort.

The third “highlight” of Porsche company is a luxury plug-in hybrid “iron horse” with inscriptions on the sides and a green calipers. Up to a hundred kilometers this car is capable to be dispersed for some five and a half seconds. Maximum speed is equal to two hundred and seventy kilometers per hour, and a hundred kilometers need fuel consumption of three liters and one hundred milliliters.